Growing a grass-roots business to success with Bartercard 

Manu and Jasmin started Fillaudeau’s with the help of Bartercard and has since continued to use the currency-alternative to leverage their buying power and supplement and expand their business in a number of ways.

Today we share their story...



French-born chef Manu Fillaudeau and his Perth born wife Jasmin started their restaurant Fillaudeau’s in 2012.  Situated in a rustic wine estate fringing Perth and serving up a selection of French provincial cuisine, Fillaudeau’s has won five awards in just two short years since opening its doors to food-loving locals.


Bartercard: a smart business start-up

The story started almost three years ago when the couple went wine tasting at the Pinelli Estate where, coincidentally, the Italian family-owned winery was looking for tenants for their newly built restaurant. Manu and Jazz took to the task of cooking for the family; and the steps to starting Fillaudeau’s followed shortly.

Manu joined Bartercard before Fillaudeau’s officially opened to assist with the start-up of his business with the interest-free line of credit offered to members.

“In a nutshell we’ve used Bartercard to purchase all the essentials; from tables, chairs, curtains and furniture for the front of the restaurant to ovens, fridges, kitchen equipment, our point of sale, computers, printers and ink,” he said.

“Today we use it to cover the cost of fridge technicians, plumbing, pest control and a number of other expenses all without using cash – which lets us keep more money in our pockets to spend where we want.”

In exchange for buying on barter, Manu and Jasmin provide their service back to members in the network.

“Overall Bartercard makes up around 10% of our business today but it was getting started where it really helped.”


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Classic French with an Australian twist

Wanting to serve the traditional recipes from the province, like the duck confit listed on the menu, Manu said that Fillaudeau’s is all about classic French cuisine that fits into the Australian way of eating – mainly because people don’t have time to cook.

“But apart from the typically French specialties like escargots a l ail (burgundy snails with garlic butter), we take classic Australian dishes and cook them in the traditional French way – for example pork belly which is less eaten in France but more widely enjoyed in Australia,” he said.

He added that when starting Fillaudeau’s, he and his wife set out to create the dining experience that they sought out as customers.




“For us it’s allabout the freshest food, the smallest attention to detail from the locally sourced micro herbs to the wine, and the quality of service that creates a truly enjoyable experience – we convey that to each customer at Fillaudeau’s.” 




Fillaudeau’s is the winner of Restaurant and Catering’s 2013 Award for Excellence

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